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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Should I get Baby Walker?

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I was thinking of getting baby walker for my baby so that she can move around easily since she could sit (with our help still). Till I found this article. 

It says, the baby misses the development journeys such as stretching, rolling, scooting and crawling if they use baby walker. Secondly, I didn't know a baby could feel accomplished when they did something.

Even now, I noticed my baby cries if I take something from her hand that she have been interestingly toying at that moment. Well, I suka kacau her also. I couldn't avoid the fact the she is even cuter when she wants something and crying for it :p  #devilmama

I guess I should wait till my baby starts to walk as to avoid she knocks on something let say if i were busy at the Kitchen with stuffs and to act as a barrier to the wall.

I always love to shop especially for my baby. haha! ♥ - Luna Merza

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