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Monday, October 26, 2015

Simple chicken porridge for sick husband

I was awaken by my lovely princess at 5 something in the morning today as she wanted milk. My husband has awaken as well and he did not feeling well. When I woke up in the middle of night while my hand caressing his body, I could feel the heat radiated from his skin. I thought it was his body temperature.

I asked him to take medicine so that he could take care of our baby when I off to work.  He said no appetite and hard to swallow the food cause he was having sore throat at the same time. So, I made him chicken porridge since it was still 6am in the morning. 

I had carrot for the health benefit and for appearance as to make it looks good to orang sakit. I didn't know if it would make sense. Siap I needed to suap my husband as he didn't have energy to eat on its own. Twice today as i had to take emergency leave to take care of my baby and him of course. 

I had experienced on my mom as she had taken medicines with empty stomach. She shivered uncontrollably and looked pale. I don't want it to happen to my husband or anyone else under my care.  Hehe. I'm serious.

The recipe is so simple. Let's get started!
Simple chicken porridge recipe
By luna merza

Half cup of rice
2pcs each of Chicken drumstick and wings
3pcs of small onion - chopped
3 cloves of garlic -  chopped
1pc of carrot -  chopped
Seasoning powder
Chicken stock
100ml Coconut milk

1. Cook the rice beforehand in the pot before start everything else. The water should be almost half full of the pot.

2. Once the rice almost cooked, throw everything in the pot. Stir and put salt, Seasoning powder and half of coconut milk.

3. Once everything cooked, pour the remaining coconut and let it boiled and your done!

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