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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

SeeBaby Stroller and UBaby Baby Car Carrier

I don't have family here, neither do my husband. Baby car carrier is become essential when nobody helps you to carry the baby. For instance, if you need go to hospital to do the "penyakit kuning" treatments as I heard mothers talk about it all the time.
As for the stroller, I was going to postpone it till we are ready with our plan for the next trip which is next year. In the beginning I was eyeing on the Santa Barbara stroller plus baby car carrier because it was on sale for about RM369 with postage to Labuan (pretty great deal uh!) for only oneeee that particular day at Lazada. Now the price is RM599. Ever since that day, I had set my budget on both items and tried not to spend more than RM369. Believe me some of my friends spent for about RM900 - RM2,000++ just for the stroller and the baby car carrier.

How I chose to get the stroller?
As a first time mother-to-be, I had no idea on how to choose stroller till I found this post on how to choose a stroller and some of my friends shared their experiences. I came into conclusion that I need stroller for travelling purposes (long and short distance). My friend also advised me to get baby car carrier that could fit in the stroller so that I don't need to awake my baby while sleeping. I chose to get online because it is more cheaper compare to if I buy locally (I meant here in Labuan and Sabah). What I also did is I mixed and matched whatever strollers and carriers through Lazada to meet my budget. Finally I chose to have SeeBaby QQ2 stroller and U-Baby baby carrier.
Why SeeBaby Stroller?
I preferred SeeBaby QQ2 because of the design, the weight is only 3.8kg (I could carry with one hand only) and the baby still can lay down a bit. It is perfect for travelling. It doesn't need a lot of space in the car. It happened also when I was in 1Borneo Kota Kinabalu, I noticed many parents were using the SeeBaby stroller. Then, I searched online and found several deals. The lowest and cheapest stroller I could get was from SeeBaby Stroller and I had contacted them through facebook. The price is only RM110 + RM25 (postage to Labuan).

Why U-baby Baby car carrier?
The baby car carrier i opted for is Ubaby brand due to the design, pretty good price compared to other baby car carriers (RM160 including shipping cost from Babykidseshoppe) and my baby can lay down comfortably (not so C-shape on the inner side). It can also be used as a rocker.

As a conclusion, both items were RM295 only. I saved few bucks!, Too bad there were shipping charges involved. Otherwise, it's only RM248 *wink *wink
Most importantly, the U-baby baby carrier fits PERFECTLY with SeeBaby Stroller QQ2. I was quite relieved and extremely happy! Extra brownies for that. I can't wait to see my little one inside her/his first car and travel together ♥ - Luna Merza

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