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Thursday, November 20, 2014

We are pregnant!

I had been waiting for months to tell the world that I'm pregnant! and today has come. This is it!

Few months ago...
I was 9 days late of my period on 9 Sept. My sister-in-law Linda said that maybe there was someone inside. I was like "are you kiddin me?". Then, I told Ajiz that I was going to get the pregnancy test. We went out to get our dinner at KFC. There was a green curry in their menu and Ajiz ordered one. He asked me to try. At first I was reluctant and I didn't have the appetite towards "Green" curry. But I was wrong when I tasted it. I straight away asked him to get another two. Yes, two green curries. He suggested to get after we finished our dinner because actually I had ordered a set of meal for myself too. However, I insisted to get it like right now, right now. He was wondering at my sudden urge and he finally went downstairs to get the curry with a long que.

We dropped by at D'one Mart to get the pregnancy test. I bought 3 pairs. In case I needed it in near future. The lady at the counter was looking at me like "is this lady for real?". haha!

When we reached home, he was in the living room watching TV, while I was in the toilet taking the pregnancy test. Guess what, it's positive. I still didn't believe it. Then I took the second test, the result still the same. And finally came into third test, the result still positive. I showed Ajiz the results and he was smiling from ear to ear. I was worried and happy at the same time. Worried because we were not even have our dinner reception yet. Happy because, yes, I was going to have a baby! I had been wanting to get married and have baby since early of this year. Maybe it was a wake up call for me *wink *wink

On the next day, I went to see the doctor and he confirmed that the result is positive. I was on my fifth week of pregnancy. After we got married for almost two months, we were surprised by the great news of we're having a baby! I feel blessed and thank you so much to the almighty god :) ♥ - Luna Merza

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