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Monday, June 9, 2014

Ggirls in Sunway Lagoon

Everyone smile pleaseeee
I was reluctant to get wet with them. I just inter-framed. So, don't mind me.
 I surrender. Don't shot me.
I was so excited the moment I reached Sunway Lagoon. It was back in 2012 if I am not mistaken. The place is hugeeee. I actively played all the games and activities that came with the package. The next day I was having footsore and could barely walk. No fun to shop already. haha!

The obvious experience to remember when we were crossing the bridge. At first she (Bridz) was excited and after 2-3 steps, she was shaking and couldn't even walk. She managed to cross the bridge with our help and spirit support. haha! But of course, Neddy wouldn't miss the chance to shake the bridge which I wished I could do as well - because she was holding me tightly. She looked so adorable with scary expression. Hehehe~

How I wish we could travel together again someday. Miss you guys ♥ - Luna Merza

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