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Friday, May 16, 2014

Unboxing the Samsung Nx Mini White

I mentioned that I wanted to get Samsung MV900F in my resolution for year 2014. Few weeks ago, I almost ordered from US Amazon because I couldn't get it in white color locally. On top of that, I wanted to get camera ready for Boracay trip on forth week of this month. Till recently, I browsed through the Ipmart Malaysia website and I spotted latest Samsung NX Mini. Boom ka baboom $@##&%:

Samsung NX Mini became WANTED!

I decided to purchase this model and there was slightly delay in receiving the item. However, Ipmart solved the problem as soon as possible and thank you so much for that! I bought this camera from Ipmart Malaysia at RM1,099 with free shipping to Labuan. Guys, let's get the unboxing session started!

Set included:
1) 16 gb mini SD memory card (produce 1k ++ photos with 20 megapixel)
2) 9mm lens - suitable for portrait and landscape. Its a fixed zoom lens.
3) Charger & usb charger
4) Lithium battery

Last weekend, I went to Kota Kinabalu and looked for the casing. My friend who is working with camera shop told me that this set comes with free casing which I didn't receive any from Ipmart. Luckily my friend really kind enough and gave me one. Thank you!

It's time to explore my new camera. Let me take a selfie :p See you lovelies!
Luna Merza

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