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Friday, May 2, 2014

Pancur Hitam Labuan Beach

Hi lovelies, 

It's been a while I didn't post anything. Actually I've been actively on Instagram and I'm so addicted to it! 

I was invited by my friend to join their ERE Family day at Tiara Beach yesterday. Thank you so much for invited me. I never knew that Labuan could be this so damn happening. Yeah, I seldom and very reluctant to join outdoor activity. There were two other groups as well having their so called "Family Day". We played beach volleyball and guess what, I didn't even hit the ball AT ALL because the boys didn't let me hit it #joking But yeah, I still joined the fun right. The BBQ chicken tasted delicious and I've eaten a lot of it.

As the family day session has ended, we've decided to watch Spiderman but sadly the movie ticket sold out. Turned out, we were heading to Pancur Hitam Labuan beach. I won't missed for the world to have my favorite drink of all time, coconut juice! I was lucky that I got a very delicate and tender coconut version this time. 

Beach road as I called it

I had a very delighted moment as we were walking towards the end of the "beach road" to witness the beauty of sunset. Along the way, I met new sea friend called sea porcupine aka Landak Laut. Guess what? I touched it for the first time! At first, it was kinda giving a reaction by moving its thorn towards the slipper - Try and Test here is required ladiesotherwise you'll see your finger is bleeding :p I enjoyed playing with it. haha! The next time I'll see it, I won't hesitate to touch it. Trust me.

I was so excited when I saw this cute little Sea Porcupine
Please come near me Sea Porcupine =)

Walking in the water
I don't know what is this called but it has a small tiny flower hands came out from the head
Did you spot a crab here?
Some of my family member eat the inside raw part of sea porcupine. I never tasted it because I was kinda afraid of it and I don't really fancy eating raw food except for the sushi such as salmon fish of course ;) 

Luna Merza

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