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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Drop Dead Kitty Mouse Brainz Sweater Outfit

My outfit yesterday - Kitty Mouse Brainz Sweater by Drop Dead. According to what I found online, it is also known as Drop Dead Minnie Mouse Sweater. The Kitty Mouse on the shirt is a combination of Zombie Cat logo and Mickey & Minnie of Disney's character. 

It was a limited version sweater by Drop Dead and they don't sell it anymore. Nonetheless, still can find online - used one. My friend had this for quite sometime. Actually, he bought the wrong version and decided to give it to me since it fitted me well. Thank you so muchh!

I wore it with sleeveless top so that I could take the sweater off easily when necessary. The sweater helped me a lot because it was too damn cold inside the ferry express. The kitty mouse with little brain was so cuteeee! Love this sweater.

Currently listening to Unchained Melody - latest music taste kinda into oldies song. Happy Sunday night lovelies!
Luna Merza

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