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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Phuket Beaches

I am going to Phuket for the second time. Even I myself couldn’t believe this is happening. Well, in another 8 months to go. Since Airasia has free seats promotion going on, we have booked to get the flight ticket at lower fare which was totally worth splurge.

The beautiful beaches are the main reason why I would like to re-visit Phuket. We were considering of new place to go such as Boracay Island, Philippines. However, I miss the Thai foods such as Tomyam and other dishes. I would loveee to have them again. Besides, I wish to stay at Baray Villa even just for one night.  I miss the place so much!

I forgot which islands we went to but as far as I remember, we went to James Bond Islands, Freedom Beach, Mosquito beach (if my memory serves me well), Phang Nga and other islands. It came in a package actually. There was one island that has a very green blue clear water where we were surrounded by the island in C shape. It was beautiful. No word can describe how beautiful the place was.

These are the pictures that were taken during our trip on October 2011. Enjoy…
Phang Nga Sea Canoe

James Bond Island

See you on this October, Phuket!
Luna Merza

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