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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Daiso Shopping Haul

On last December 2013, I had looooong holiday. I was able to shop for some things at Daiso 1Borneo.
I got myself a few pairs of hand gloves which I would definitely use on my trip to Kota Kinabalu if I plan to use ferry express. Gosh, I will be freezing to death in there. I also bought some arm protectors just in case I have long trip, for example if I drive my car over KK, just to protect my arms from the sun. Planning ladies, planning :D
I was totally mesmerized by the neoclassical design of this pink cute compartment. I am thinking of getting a white color instead for few more for my makeup & skincare.
I wanted to use eyelashes curler instead of getting it done permanently like I always do. So, I got this little cute pink handled lash curler. The rubbers that came with it were quite hard though. I have to replace them with softer ones in order to get the expected result. I also decided to give a try on lashes clip which I can't wait to try!
I also got shield protector (not pictured) for my car since I still couldn't find the white fur to cover my dashboard yet. I also bought cable clips to unclutter all my wires while traveling and a pair of houndstooth home slippers.

All items that I got here were cost at RM5 each. How wonderful was that! Daiso is shopping heaven of RM5!
Luna Merza

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