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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bath and Body Works Haul Second Time

Guess what? Another haul from Bath and Body Works! On my first bout of shopping with BBW, I purchased quite a number of items. I did not even finish burning the candles. Yet here I was, shopping for the second time.

I have been stalking the BBW website constantly just to ensure that I could get their Honeysuckle candle. About a week ago, it finally came back in stock. I was so excited! I bought some other new things too such as Paris Amour lotion, fresh balsam candle and twisted peppermint candle because they were rated as best sellers. Why not give them a try, right? Lavender Vanilla is one of my favorite candles from BBW too.

I purchased my Honeysuckle candle at the regular price. No discount. I was afraid if I waited any longer, it would sell out and I wouldn't have the chance to get it anymore. The last time I checked, they stopped selling it. Nightmare~

I just checked BBW website a while ago, they selling Honeysuckle at RM82 for two pieces of 3-wick candles T___T In fact, I just got my packet yesterday. What if I waited a bit longer? Never mind la, next time BBW next time.
Luna Merza

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