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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Saturday Massage

I woke up early today and went to Helen Beauty Reflexology located at Warisan Square. But they closed because it was not even pass 9am. Lol. Sangat bersemangat eh. I have been planning to go for massage since early this week.

Since I am here, I had renewed my membership for 1 year at RM10 only. So everytime I go I will get 20% membership discount. For instance, normal price for 1hr foot reflexology is RM42 and after discount is RM34. I am planning to use my entitlement of 50% off on my birthday next year. Maybe on some beauty spa.

My go-to-masseur is called Aziz. He approached me at beginning and I had good impression on his service. He has done pretty good job so far and even today. Some masseur that I experienced before, they massage till my skin get hurt. I don't fancy that pain. 

I actually forgot his name before I reached here. But, one of his colleague remembered me. She mentioned Aziz's name and when I looked at him, I recognized him. That was it, I found him xD

Next time when I happen to go KK, I have reserve activity to do. 

Happy saturday everyone!

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