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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Best Friends and Me

I felt so happy today because I managed to contact some of my long lost BFs. Secondly, I am going to meet one of my best friends since secondary school, Siti Fairuz on this coming Saturday. yay~!
I felt so relief after I was able to get contacted with Afzai and Siti. Afzai has changed her mobile number and that's why I didn't get her reply on LINE apps. Luckily I got her Facebook and she has replied my message. As for Siti case, I literally searched and stalked her sisters on Facebook. They were kind enough to reply me. Thank you so much!

Actually, I was planning to meet the all of them but seem like they have their own agendas. Faza not yet confirmed and Afzai has to attend UMS convocation. I don't have Nuripa's contact number. Siti Rose is going to Tawau for her wedding this Saturday. OMG, I felt like we were still in high school yesterday and today she is going to get married. Anyway, I feel happy for her and finally she met the love of her life. Congratulations Siti!! 

When we were in high school, most of my friends including myself didn't have boyfriend. Frankly speaking, we were never in a relationship. Funny I know. Most of us started in relationship when we were in university and only one of my bff got married. And now, she has cute little boys and girl. Lovely.

I am truly looking forward to this weekend. Since I will be in KK, I would like to watch Thor as well ♥

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