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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Warm Vanilla Sugar PocketBac

I was very excited when my box all the way from US arrived. One of the Bath & Body Works product that I really wanted to try was the PocketBac anti-bacterial. I have a few of them and I like Warm Vanilla Sugar because the smell caught my attention when the first time I opened it. I think because of it has a vanilla in it.

Today I refilled the stamp pad and I had smeared some ink on my fingers and nails. I usually carry the PocketBac around in my bag since it is small and handy. So, after I finished refilling, I decided to use the PocketBac to refresh my hands. PocketBac anti-bacterial from Bath & Body Works works amazingly! I didn't know that it can remove the stubborn ink as well other than to just sanitize hands. I didn't have any ink left either on my fingers or nails. Love this item!

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