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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Meet Dolphins at Lovina Beach Bali

Meeting the Dolphins was my top thing to do in Bali. At first we were planning to go to Pulau Seranggan because I wanted to get the real experience by holding the Dolphins. However, the guy at Benoa Beach told me that the Dolphin activity at Pulau Seranggan was closed down because of the stress that the Dolphins go through by being in confinement . So we decided to go to Lovina Beach instead on 16 October.

We started our journey at 3am in the morning from Saimai Residence, Kuta and reached at Lovina before 6pm. When I stepped on the sand, I noticed there was glitter on the grey sands. You won't see it during day time. Interesting. The surrounding of Lovina Beach reminded me of when I was a little girl staying at grandmother's house for a week in small village near the beach. Every morning I woke up and went to the beach with my cousins.

Tips: Please do not forget to bring jacket or scarf when heading to North Bali because its too damn cold during the wee hours.

We started our boating around 6 something after we had our coffee to stay awake. While waiting for the Dolphins in Red Snapper boat, we were welcoming by the beautiful sunrise in the morning surrounded by the mountains. Beautiful.
After a while, the dolphins showed up by jumping out of water in a group. We had to take picture as quick as possible as they were only showed up at least 10-15 seconds the longest and had to wait till the other group of Dolphins showed up. Every time our boat approached them, they suddenly disappeared. Brilliant Dolphins haa... We were chasing them for about an hour plus. 
Tips: In my opinion, the best time to see them frequently is around 6.30am to 8.30am. So, please come early if you are keen to meet the Dolphins ;)
There were many boats that have the same mission like us. To chase and snap photos of Dolphins. Although we would not be able to watch them closely or even touch them, but it was fun and precious experience to remember. I was glad I made this far.
To end the tour, we had a cup of tea and I bought a little friend here to bring back to my home town as a remembrance 

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