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Friday, October 25, 2013

Google Nexus 7 Birthday Gift

I whatsapped Bear yesterday that I've been considering between Ipad Air and Nexus 7. He replied me with sad smiley face and I didn't suspect anything till when he fetched me from work.

He handed over a box with "google" label on it. I was like "what? whaaat??" I knew what was inside the moment I saw it. What an unexpected surprise! He said he was going to give me on 31 Oct, but afraid that I am going to get the Ipad Air. That is why it became advance birthday gift. lol.

You know when you really want to get something and suddenly out of blue, it pops out in front of you. What an awesome feeling. That is what I felt yesterday.

Awesome birthday gift. He always full of surprises. Thanks Bear.

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