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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Scents of The World Collection by The Body Shop

Have you ever thought about making your own signature scent? Sounds interesting right. I never thought or wanted of making one until I came across the latest Body Shop fragrances with Scents of The World theme.
The Body Shop latest collection consist of five types of fragrances :-

1. Madagascan Vanilla - a wonderfully warm blend of amber, frangipani and vanilla

2. Amazonian Wild Lily - a fresh and lively blend of iris, orchid, papaya and white lilies

3. Japanese Cherry Blossom - a gorgeous, feminine blend of apple, magnolia and cherry blossom

4. Indian Night Jasmine - a comforting and welcoming blend of sandalwood, violet leaf, orange blossom and jasmine

5. Atlas Mountain Rose - a refreshing and timeless blend of amber, musk, citrus notes and rose

All the fragrances mentioned above are created from 100% organic alcohol and natural extracts sourced from around the globe.

To be honest, I have yet to try these but I have checked out the prices at The Body Shop, Center Point Kota Kinabalu ground floor. They are priced around RM80++ for the fragrance. The range also comes with fragrance oils, mists and body lotion if you would like to get the complete set. 

What I love about this collection is we can wear them by themselves of course AND we could create a new scents by just layering them. To be exact, create your own signature fragrance! ;) so, imagine we can wear different scent everyday in 30 days or more with formula of 1, 1+1, 1+2, 1+3 and 1+4.

An example of 1+1 formula. Firstly spray Amazonian Wild Lily on your neck or any other desire part. Secondly, spray Madagascan on top of Amazonian. New scent... Wallah!

I'm going to give it try someday ;)

Luna Merza

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