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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

LipIce Color Gloss Candy Apple Review

I went to Guardian Financial Park Labuan and I saw this cute Lip Ice Color Lip Gloss by Mentholatum. The reason why I bought this because of the pink glittery color. Furthermore, it is so cheap which the price is under RM10.

My review:
When I looked at the color of the lip gloss, I thought that it will give lovely red pink sheer color effect. However, when I applied it on my lips, it showed shine glossy look. Like the packaging says "sheer gloss natural shine". Lucky me because I'm actually searching for no color lip gloss just to give shiny finishing effect on my lips after apply matte lipstick.

One thing that impressed me about this lip gloss is that, even it is cheap but it is non-sticky. I felt like almost nothing when I applied it.

In terms of packaging, personally I don't like to buy lip gloss in tube due to I didn't find the tip of the lip gloss does good work in applying the lip gloss. However, since it has a nice glittery shine pink red color, I excused myself. Again lucky me because, the tip of the lip gloss has a hard material. It is not a plastic that comes with the body but, it has a different type of material. High quality plastic I guess.

If you notice, there is an expiry date printed on the tube which is very good. You know when the lip gloss is going to expired. Don't have to bother to refer to the box that comes with it anymore. Very practical eh? :D

Lastly, I love love love the smell of watermelon. I felt refresh and sweet when have it on my lippy!

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