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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dancing in Houndstooth Peplum with Floral Bottom

Woke up in the morning to the crisp air and magnificent valley view of Kundasang from J Residence. It was great to start the year with such a breathtaking experience. If only I could get such a beautiful view every morning.

Brought myself away from hustle and bustle of the city and really enjoyed being surrounded by nature. While wearing houndstooth peplum top made me wanna danceeeeeeeeee........... La~ la~ la~
Actually, I kept spinning and spinning to get these movements. Ended up I got dizzy and could barely walked xD

1 comment:

Hashim Abdul Wahab said...

Hi Luna. Your posting brought me back memories of my many visits to Kundasang. Organised a few conferences and stayed at Perkasa Hotel there. perched on the hill with a platform overlooking Mt Kinabalu. What an awesome view of the mountain. Have climbed it quite a few times and also played golf at the Kundasang Golf Club... I love Latino dancing and patronise the Rumba Night Club at Le Meridien Hotel whenever I am in KK. Shall invite for dancing the next time I am there. Have a great day.