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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Heart the Dolly HimeGyaru Vivi Look

Currently, I'm eying on Dolly Wink, Candy Doll, Kiss Me, Tony Molly, Holika Holika all other brands from Japan or Korea. GOshh, they create lovely, pretty and sweet look!

What I love about their look are:-
1) very nice lip color. It is like a nude pink or nude brown and shiny lips. It's adoooorable!

2) Very light natural eyeshadow colors such as brown and cream color. Because I'm the type of very seldom to put makeup on, on my face. I will when there is big event such as dinner or party etc.

3) Their eyelashes!! It is so beautiful! Their eyes look so wonderful! Love.

4) Flawless skin. I'm looking for BB cream which I can use on daily basis. I prefer BB cream with light formula. The salesgirl at Tony Moly recommended me the one with mineral base, but the price is out of my budget because if I love the product, I have to estimate RM80++ for my next refill BB cream :p

5) Hair. Yes, their lovely curl hair. I envy their soft curl big hair. love.

6) Brown color eyebrow. Officially I just got my first Dolly Wink brand. yay~!

It is not that I'm trying to be a DOLL but, I love their appearance. It is identical to HimeGyaru and of course Sweet Lolita look which I adored from many years ago :)

Well, it can be used as everyday look but maybe just use some natural brown hair color with soft curl hair. Put a very light BB cream face without look superr smooth like u was wearing heavy foundation :p and yes, with nice lip color. So lovely and sweet! :)

Till next time...

Luna Merza

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