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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Splurge

I love shopping! I've been wanting plum lipstick color and today I got it!

The moment I saw both sunglasses and handbag, I bought them without hesitation because they were super cheap and worth to spend with. I guess, I couldn't help it haa :D

What about you? share it with me here ;)


Lilian Hii said...

Hi there

I love your style and love to have a bbeauty friend like you. I am from Miri but I stay in Sydney. I am following you.

Here is my blog and I have a facebook goto call the same name.

neha mishra said... ur post...n u look very pretty.... :)
Thnx for droppin by my blog...have followed u back... :)

Luna Merza said...

Hi Lilian,

thank you for stopping by :)

yes sure I will check it out ya ;)

Luna Merza said...

Thanks babe! :D

RAY said...

loved your glares Luna :)

Luna Merza said...

Thanks Ray :)