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Thursday, September 27, 2012

How to do Mustache Nails

First, take your favorite nail polish to remove unwanted colors if you have an existing color on your nail.

Start off with base coat. While waiting for it to dry, let's practice on how to create mustache shape with eyeliner that has the hard brush on your hand first.

Start draw mustache on top of base coat. Lastly, finish it off with top coat and you're done.

You can actually use pink, white or any colors according to your preference as a base color. Then, use some glitter on other nails or strip etc. In my case, I just want it simple :) I will try some other color next time.
Product I used:
1. ICCI Eyeliner
2. Etude House Top coat and Base coat
3. Sally Hansen Polish remover

It looks simple and easy to do, however, I took a few times to achieve the mustache shapes. Apparently, I'm not majoring in art whatsoeva xD I guess that's why... (oh luna made up an excuse :p)

Don't believe me? try it yourself and let me know ;) It is fun thing to do and yes, mustache shapes quite popular right now.

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