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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Make your lashes longer and more volumes

To tell you guys the truth I'm not a fan of mascara. I barely use it. Can count in one year I only apply once or twice. I know most of girls, mascara is their best friend but not me.  

Since I saw a lot of ladies on the internet using the yellow Maybelline mascara, so I decided to buy Maybelline the Mag Num Volum Express Mascara for myself and yes I have bought it today. 

The moment I reached home, I straight away tried it. Before apply it on my lashes, I used eyelash curler since I have flat lashes haa xD So here is the results:-
Before and after application of  Maybelline the Mag Num Volum Express Mascara
So from the pictures you can see the result before and after application of Maybelline the Mag Num Volum Express. It looks more volume, longer and can see my lashes appear more. Well, who knows if I wanna use mascara starting today? *wink *wink
Maybelline the Mag Num Volum Express Mascara
This cute handbag I got from Smashing-pit-stop Heart it very much!

P/s: I loveee editing pictures with Picasa. Seriously its easy to use and yes I love the effects!


Rachel Shuchat said...

Found you through Beautylish, I can't wait to see more ;)
Makeup by Rachel

ShariGold said...

hey i love this you look so cute.

i found you on beautylish
here is my link so you can follow back.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rachel and Sharigold for stopping by :) I have viewed your blog too and followed too! happy blogging :)