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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Homemade Pasta Egg Recipe

Pasta Egg

Pasta egg is my very own recipe which actually I adapted this recipe from my cousin. My cousin which is from Rome, Italy came and pay us visit few years ago. She taught me on how to cook pasta egg for breakfast. It's pretty simple, just:-

Fry it (Pasta (boil it) + Egg + Salt) = Pasta Egg

But I added few ingredients. You may try it. What I like about this pasta egg is that, the softness of egg mixed with pasta, creates better taste. But I have changed the recipe according to my preference. hEhEe~ Let's start!

1. Pasta (boil it for 15 minutes)
2. Green pepper (Cut it to small square shape)
3. Sausage ( cut it to small square shape)
4. Union
5. Margarine
6. Salt & ajinomoto
7. Oregano spices

First, heat up the pan and put some margarine. Wait till the margarine melting. Next, add the union and after a while throw the sausage and boiled pasta onto the pan. Thereafter, Pour some salt and ajinomoto. After 1 minute, throw the green pepper into the pan together with all the ingredients. Lastly, pour some oregano spice and done!

Ready to eat. nyum~ nyum~

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