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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

TAG - Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty

I've been wandering around YouTube and webs and I found this popular seven deadly sins of beauty for beauties out there and I decided wanna join! Let's started...

1. GREED - What is your most inexpensive beauty item? What is your most expensive?

I love my Garnier Face powder because it costs me RM12.90 only. Its hard to find suitable cheap face powder for my skin type. Thanks Garnier! The most expensive that I have is Christian Dior Pure Poison perfume and it costs RM400++ I can't believe that I have such a pricey perfume!

2. WRATH - What beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with? 

I love my Lancome face powder however I hate it as well because it is expensive.

3. GLUTTONY - What are your most delicious beauty products?
The most delicious product for me is the Body Shop butter cream olive. Whenever I looked at it I felt like I wanna eat it because its creamyyyy!!!

4. SLOTH - What beauty product do you neglect, due to laziness?
My Loreal Paris cream. There is time that I skip and straight away put on my face powder

5. PRIDE - What beauty product gives you the most self confidence?
My Silky Girl magic lipstick. I can't leave home without it! and yeah I put it on my lips every time the color fade away

6. LUST - What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?

Charming, Masculine, Kind, helpful, humble, down to earth, feel safe to be with. Opss... I listed so many here dy xD

7. ENVY - What items would you most like to receive as a gift?
I prefer something useful in my daily life. It could be anything though. Cloths, hi-Fi, lipbalm! hEhEe~

I wish to tag :)

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