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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Product Review: Garnier light visible whitening face powder

I've been using Garnier light visible whitening face powder for almost one year and a half. Last time I used Red Earth Face powder. The price quite expensive. Well, by that time I haven't really working haa..

Since Garnier by that time just launched their new improved products, so I decided to give a try for this compact powder that cost me only RM12.90. I just bought new one last week I went to Kota Kinabalu.

Let's talk about why Garnier light visible whitening face powder give me BENEFIT

The main thing I like about Garnier light visible whitening face powder is because of the Micronized powder technology for an instant flawless coverage. It is same like those expensive face powder.

Second fact that I like about this product is because of it is reliable. Most of product, they will simply say about the greatness, the advantage about their product and so on. However, this product is definitely give me 6 hours shine-free look in ultra-light texture. This is why I love about this product.

Most of my friend told me that I have a brighter skin than before. So thanks to Garnier light visible whitening face powder that provides whitening effect to my skin!

Other additional reason why I like to use this product is because it contains Vitamin C to help to inhibit melanin production, and UV protection SPF18 to prevent skin from further darkening and dark spots appearance. Because I'm very seldom to use SPF product. So I prefer to have in all-in-one which is convenience for me.


Leeda said...

hye, thanx for the great review of garnier face poweder. i just bought it today. actually, i do not know wat compact powder best for my acne prone skin.
previous, i used miyami 2 way cake, pixy 2 way cake. but i dont want the powder clog my sensitive skin. hopefully, this is the best product for me too. heeeee2.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad it helped u! =) My fav face powder actly ;)