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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

7 DON'Ts after EAT

Most of us don’t know what we cannot do after finish lunch or dinner and so on. So, here are the things that we cannot do after finished eaten.

1.    Don't go for a Walk

This is because of it will give effect our digestion system from not to work properly and it will difficult to absorb the nutrition from the food that we ate. Usually when we at shopping complex hanging out with friends, we tend to think it’s better to eat first and then go walk. First thing that comes in mind is take lunch first. That is my mind set too. hAhAa.. But from now on is better to go and shop first then eat or eat first then rest for an hour then go for a walk.

2.      Don’t eat Fruits

Believe it or not we shouldn’t eat fruit after eat. This is because it makes our stomach fill in with the air (bloating). So, if we want to eat fruit, eat 1 hour before eat or 1-2 hours after eat.

3.      Don’t Smoking

The research shows that, 1 cigarette is equal to 10 cigarettes if we smoking after eat. But this scenario always happens. We will see so many guys, after finished eaten, they tend to smoking. It is their behavior already. But bear in mind my dearest friends, if you love yourself and still want to be alive for long time, please stop smoking. Not only good for your health but also you can save your monetary aspect.

4.      Don’t take a Bath

Well, this is what I always do previous-previous time. hAhAa.. But I had changed my habit already. Before eat breakfast or dinner I’ll make sure myself to take a bath first then eat. This is because, while you taking a shower after you finished eaten will decrease the flow of the blood to your stomach. End up it will give a bad impact to your digestion system.

5.      Don’t Sleep

This is because of your food that you have eaten cannot digest very well and it will give the problems to your health such as gastric and give an infection to your intestine too. Well, I need to keep remind to myself too. hAhAa

6.      Don’t loosen up your Belt

Well, by doing this, it will give negative effects to your intestine such as your intestine get twisted or blocked. It is related to science thingy that I cant really give further explanation. But that what is happen if you do that.  So, whatever the position of your belt is, change it first to the comfortable zone then only eat. I did this several times already. So next time I won’t loosen up my belt anymore after finished eaten. hEhEe~

7.      Don’t drink Tea

OMG tea??? Tea is my favourite drink ever you know. I love to drink tea. Well as a matter of fact is, tea can make the protein harden and it is difficult to digest. So I need to keep in mind that, CANNOT drink tea after finished eaten.

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