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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cameron Lavender Garden

I fell in love with the place called Cameron Highlands Pahang. I dreamed of having a house in Kundasang or Ranau so that I could go back and forth whenever I got the chance to. Literally, my dream came true. Well, not yet because we don't have house there. Haha!

The place was miraculously beautiful. The flowers were blossom. The weather was cold. The people that I met was nice. The air was fresh. The scenery beyond spectacular. Most buildings were built in English style. As a conclusion, Cameron has stolen my heart.

I had been to one beautiful place called Cameron Lavender Garden. It was 10 to 15 minutes away from R's house, Kg. Raja. There was an entrance fee of Rm5 for adult and Rm3 for children. We were charged at Rm3 each including me luckily the lady was nice enough to give me discount too although I'm not from there (tunjuk IC lagi k. Jangan macam-macam) since the three of them were from Cameron itself. 
If you wish to seal your love in Cameron Highlands Pahang, look no further to Cameron Lavender Garden as they have love lock as well. Not only you can seal your love, but also romance, friendship, health etc. Interesting right! I always wanted to do love padlock thingy like in Paris bridges. Except, you don't throw the key into the ocean. You throw the key into the small cute house according to your preferred wish.
It has a cafe also where you can have your tea and so forth to inhale the fresh air, enjoy scenery and re-energized yourself.
Thanks to these people who keep this place beautiful ;)
We were dating on top of the giant pumpkin :p
If you are looking for a place to do a wedding photo shoot in Malaysia, Cameron Lavender Garden is highly recommended. You can picture yourself in western country without travel far. OMG, I miss you Cameron! ♥ - Luna Merza

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