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Sunday, June 22, 2014

5 Little Things Made My Morning

5 little things that made my morning today:-
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1. TV series - I finally got Vampire Diaries season 5 in full. I've downloaded Hannibal season 2, Defiance season 1, The Carrie Diaries season 2 and Once Upon A Time In Wonderland. Cool!

2. Maggie Curry - I was craving for maggie curry since last night and today I just had one. Deliciouseee~~~

3. Devious Maid - This series drama was recommended by William's sister and I'm currently watching season 1 episode 1.

4. Nescafe Mocha - I opened the refrigerator and I didn't know that I got Mocha. Anyway, after had the Nescafe, now I'm having backache - the effect after I have coffee. Nonetheless, I still love coffee. It won't stop me from having one.

5. Ipad Air - I've uploaded some movies, series drama and musics into my Ipad. Now my Ipad is alive. hehe~ I can watch movies on-the-go while traveling.

Nothing can beat my morning with delicious breakfast, coffee and accompanied with Devious Maid. Happy Sunday everyone! ♥ - Luna Merza

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