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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My First Car

Image: Daydesigns
Today, I was so excited to drive my car. Tomorrow I'll be officially owning "him or her" after everything is ready. I guess I should called "him" then :p

At first...
I didn't have any preference in terms of choosing a car. The purpose of owning the car is because of mobility and of course I was ready to committed myself into something financially serious. I was considering either Saga or Viva. Since Saga is more spacious than Viva, I decided to take Saga SV that just launched this year. Pricing wise, there was not much difference.

In between...
Yes, I was happy that I could finally own a car but I was still hoping that I could find a car that screams at me, "Luna, COME AND GET IT ME!". I noticed some of my friends are using Myvi. I asked for my friend's opinions from KK and Labuan. 8 out of 8 agreed and recommended me to take Myvi. I was dilemma. I decided to go to Perodua Center to see the car in person. The moment I landed my eyes on Myvi, I fell in love...

When I was in KK last weekend, I told my dad that I changed my car to Myvi. He commented, "ya, Saga is for old people". I was shocked and asked why he didn't tell me earlier. He thought that it was my taste so he didn't want to say anything. Lolx.

Frankly speaking, let say people are questioning about my car preference (if I were to choose Saga), I still don't mind because I don't give a smurf about it don't let the brand own you. Instead, let yourself own the brand. I read somewhere about Kate Moss wears accessories under USD10 from local store and people start to get one for themselves as well. How you perceive it, is the most important. Be confident and rock it.
Image: wallpaperswide
I found the car that screamed at me after 3 months. I knew there was a reason for the delay in getting my car. I had to take a cab when there was none to send or fetch me from work. Eventually, it was worth waiting. At first I was happy to own a car but now, I am happy to own the car 

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