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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Barbara Palvin Love

I am so inspired by Barbara Palvin beauty. She has a beautiful eyebrow, pretty smile and overall! Most importantly I like her personality that is fun, spontaneous and very down to earth I could say. I noticed that when I look at her videos on Youtube.

I never would have like model before till I saw Barbara Palvin's picture.

I also inspired by her fashion such as wearing leather jackets and pants which I'm still finding one for myself at the moment. The calf length pants which is look absolutely versatile on her makes it my top finding list items. I'm going to travel soon, so I came up with a list that I would like to buy when I reach there next week. ;)
Every model has their own personality, beauty and style, indeed. However, the moment I saw Barbara's picture, I was falling for her (sounds cheesy I know. haha) It hards for me to like celebrities or artist or etc but when I did, I totally into them. haha! For the record, I like Britney since I was teenager and now Barbara become the second. By the way, I followed her on Instragram and Twitter too! *wink *wink

Currently, she is the Money Girls rank no 34 on Love her!

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