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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday Shopping

I'm so excited of what I've got for myself today. Although Labuan has no place to shop (can say :p), but yeah I was able to get myself some awesome stuffs such as Loofah for shower, Cleo Magazine, rubbing alcohol and baking soda for underarm and so on.

At least we have Guardian here in Labuan. Last time I had to wait till I reach KK to get some beauty stuffs. BTW, Guardian didn't charge me for the plastic bag like other shops, instead they provided me the green environment bag. Very green Guardian! 
I've been searching for the product that can substitute wax method and finally I found epilator that works wonderfully to remove hair on armpit area without causing damage to the skin. Yes, I just got myself a Philips Epilator which cost me RM157. Actually I can get it for like RM145 at Lazada. But I just couldn't wait to get this product.
Why no one ever told me how amazing Neutrogena on combination or oily skin? (>.<) I just discovered how effective the foaming cleansing on my combination skin few weeks ago when I got myself a small pack of foaming cleanser. Today I decided to give a try on the moisturiser and blackhead daily scrub as well. Hope they give effective results.
I was excited to get the face brush Body Shop because it has similar shape like Clarisonic Brush head :p I can't wait to use it on my face. btw, this cost me RM12.90.

Happy Saturday everyone!

Luna Merza

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