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Friday, May 17, 2013

The Vampire Diaries Fever

My Vampire Diaries fever came back. Actually I'm in the middle of two series movies which are Once upon a time and The Vampire Diaries. I love to watch both TV series.

There is one scene where Caroline ask Klaus for a beautiful dress for the prom night. They both look so adorable together. By the way, the mermaid shaped creme white dress given by Klaus to Caroline for the prom night, look stunningly beautiful! Klaus is really such a gentleman.
However now Klaus has kid with the werewolf women (I'm sorry I forgot her name, but she has a sexy look!). So the chances of Klaus and Caroline have at least have a lovey dovey moment will definitely not-in-the-storyline of the Vampire Diaries. I'm just guessing :p
Frankly speaking, the Vampire Diaries got a lots of handsome actors and ladies, you should watch this TV series. Honestly, you won't get bored watching this TV series because there is always interesting story episode by episode. Highly recommended TV series by me =D

The last scene that I have watched was where Rebekkah is going to be chasing by the Vampire Hunters. I couldn't wait for the episode 23 to come out! I started to like Damon Salvatore again and I kept calling Bear, "Damon" :p hehehee~~

Happy watching V-Diaries,
Luna Merza

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