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Monday, May 13, 2013

Bridget Birthday at Grand Dorsett Labuan

Whenever there is special occasion, Grand Dorsett is always on the list because of the ambiance and food. Nedd, Carin and I celebrated her birthday for the last time at Grand Dorsett Labuan before she went back to her hometown, Sarawak.
During her birthday, our discussions were more into politics due to the recent election. Carin was really enthusiastic about politics. haha!
I felt so sad because we had been together since university life till last Saturday. When I was in university, she was the only friend that I was close with other than my room mate till I met other friends in final semester such as Maggie, Neddy, Marry etc.
Cantonese buffet was the dinner theme of that night and it was delicious. I'm going to share it with you in separate post *wink *wink

A note for my best friend forever:

Dear Bridz, 
I hope you had a great time during your birthday and wished you get married to the love of your life soon!

Luna Merza

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