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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Arm Tripod Extender

I visited one of the famous restaurant in Shanghai and forgot the name of the place already and I saw this cute couple was holding camera with an arm length tripod. I was wondering where and how can I find it.

The reason I would like to get the tripod because of well so obvious right, to take myself  pictures =P Most importantly it is convenience and can capture pictures without miss out any beautiful view on the background.

Last year I went to Kuala Lumpur and I searched for the arm tripod but I couldn't find it. I didn't even know how to call it. I just demonstrated to them on how it works.Apparently most of camera shops that I went to seem like they didn't know the tripod that I was looking for.

Till one day, while I was viewing the by Pixiwoo through my phone, they have featured the tripod that I've been looking for years. The tripod is called Xshot Pro Ultimate Camera Extender. Yes, finally I found it! Thanks to Pixiwoo very much!
See how small that is and it's pretty convenience for me to just chuck them in my bag.
I found that the Xshot Pro Ultimate Camera Extender can be used with Iphone as well as long as you have the right adapter to connect to your Iphone like what the Connecticut Bloggers did. 
Credited to Connecticut Bloggers
I'm still waiting for Shashinki to reply me on the availability of the stock. If they don't have it then I have to order from outside Malaysia. How I wished I could have now like right now, now. xD

Lotsa Love,
Luna Merza

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