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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Review : SilkyGirl Hi-Definition Gel Eyeliner Pen

Silky Girl Hi-Definition Gel Eyeliner pen is highly recommended product. I'm super impressed with this product. Just one time application and you can get a nice line black color. Secondly, it doesn't smudge and very easy to use. Most importantly, it has a very pigmented black color which I adore about this product the most. My favorite product of the month!

Overall this product for me is:
- It creates a very intense black color result which I love the most!
- pigmented gel black eyeliner
- Smudge-proof which I admire this product
- Waterproof
- Fragrance free
- very easy to apply on my skin
- Easy to remove with makeup remover
- cheap & convenience for me to get it

I will definitely buy SilkyGirl HD Gel eyeliner again next time :)

 Finally I found the best eyeliner and yes, don't forget to share your favorite eyeliner too! *wink *wink

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