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Thursday, August 16, 2012

VIVI magazine Officially in Malaysia

I'm so delighted by knowing the fact that VIVI magazine finally in English version! I had a few VIVI magazine in Japanese version which I basically didn't read it and just look at the photos only *wink*

Few days ago I went to the book store that I always buy VIVI magazine at. I was captivated after saw Ray magazine as it is the same like VIVI magazine, but in English version. So I decided to give a try and yes, I'm so happy I bought it.

I flipped through the magazine and I found this:

I wanted to subscribe VIVI magazine in English version but seems like the book store that I always get my magazine at, only got the Japanese version :'( How I wish I could get the subscription form from VIVI magazine. I searched on the internet but still didn't manage to get it. Sigh.

These are few shots of Ray magazine and the reasons why I love to purchase Japanese magazine as they have so many useful tips from head to toe.

Ray Magazine August 2012

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