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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Gift of NOTHING

THE GIFT OF NOTHING. I know it sound funny. But it is true actually.

Well this is had happened where I hardly to figure out on what to give for my friend's birthday. Literally I received many things (can say expensive things) from him. I haven't give him anything yet till his birthday is past. So until one day, we went to his favorite outlet "Armani Exchange". when he about want to pay, I told him, his brother looking for him. "Urgent!" Then i took the opportunity to pay the T-shirt and considered as his birthday gift. Because I've no idea what to give to him. hAhAa... 

But I think this is a good idea as well when you can't even think what to buy for your friend, bF, etc... but, maybe I will... someday... hAhAa


you have received the gift of nothing. Absolutely nothing. This is the ultimate in minimalism. Less is more, more or less. Nothing is precious. Nothing is simple. Nothing is sacred.

Open the pack and be enthralled when nothing happens. Allow NOTHING to flow through your mind and calm your soul. Savour the moment. Soon you'll discover that nothing really is so much better than something.

When you having problem in selecting what gift to give to your friends or beloved one, try this! it's fun!

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