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Making Karipap Meehoon

I called it Karipap Meehoon :D In fact its actually a Pastil as what most people called in Sabah. Pastil is the same as Karipap (Curry Puff) except the filling is bihun or meehoon instead of curry with potato. It is known as Tausug dish from Phillipines. 

When I was young, I never skipped the chance of having it whenever I went to Muhibbah of Kampung Likas for tuition. I loved how the crunchiness combine with the meehoon inside and finished it off with the sweet and spicy vinegar sauce. Yummy! I thought I was going to try to make the sauce but I couldn't find the recipe given by my ex-high school friend. So, I skipped it this time :( On last Saturday, I challenged myself to cook meehoon (for the second time I guess?). The last time was 3 years ago and tidak jadi coz my bihun was too soft. My sister-in-law said "Sedap cuma masin". Yes, I used anchovies and added a teaspoon of salt. Teh advised, if we use the anchovies, we just sprinkle a little bit of salt or none at all.…
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Nutella Creme Recipe

I was inspired by the banana with peanut as a creme on P-Interest. Since my husband loves Nutella, it gave me the idea of making the Nutella as a creme with Marie biscuit and covered with chocolate on the outside. It was tasty and delicious as Mr. Husband said. The only drawback was, it's too sweet to our liking. Next time, I should change the baking chocolate formula by adding coco? hehe~ or maybe look for unsweetened chocolate.
I did't have one baking sheet. So, it was kinda hard for me to take off the thing from ceramic plate.

Next thing, I would like to try Dates covered with chocolate my favorite! That's all from #lunamerzakitchen for today :) ♥ - Luna Merza
Nutella Creme Recipe by Luna Merza
Ingredient: Nutella8 pcs of Marie biscuit6 bars of baking chocolate
Direction: Heat the chocolate in the microwave for about 30-40 seconds. Stir them till they mix and melt perfectly. Spread the Marie biscuit with NutellaDip them into the melted chocolatePut them on the baking shee…

Fried Banana Cheese - First time cooked

"Have you tried the Sanggar Cheese?", Wana asked me.
Aii, post si Luna ni resepi ja malar. Apa boleh buat nie la hobi baru. Suka masak-masak semenjak tau memasak itu senang. Just perlu rajin ja. hehe~
I didn't know what was Sanggar Cheese. It's actually a fried banana (pisang goreng) topped with cheese and brown sugar. If you guys haven't try it yet, rugi. Hehe~ so better try it. Usually they sell it at RM3 per set.
Whenever I went to the shop near the D'One Mart Labuan, I always said "Sanggar Cinta". Till, one day my sister-in-law cooked one for us. Two words "Delicious and Crunchy!" and satisfied! 
She taught me how to do it and I guess I did it because Lovie said delicious. Well, still in the process of learning on how to cook things. So, please bear with me. hehe~

Pisang Cheese Recipe By Luna Merza
Batter: 5-6pcs Abu Banana - cut thinly so that you can get the extra crispiness Half cup of Tepung Goreng Pisang by Nona (Banana Fritter F…

Simple Apple Salad Recipe

What a lovely Saturday today. I was having my simple apple salad that take only few minutes to prepare. I just grabbed anything that I found in the refrigerator and this what I came up with. I loved it and this is going to be my to-go simple breakfast! Did I just say how much I love mayonnise? Yes, I love it! Let's get started shall we...
Things that you need:-
AppleRaisinCheeseSausage - Rose Brand my favoriteLady's Choice Mayonnise
Just mix all up and you're done babes. If you put it in the refrigerator and let it cold, it is going to be more delicious. Trust me. *wink *wink
Let me continue watching my favorite American series "Jane by Design". I have been watching this several times and I just love to see how they dressed etc. How I wish they are going to release the season 2. Happy Saturday everyone ♥ - Luna Merza
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Dim Sum In Tiara Labuan

I was never a big fan of Dim Sum. However, after I got an invitation from William's family back in 2012, Dim Sum became my favorite food since then. I always have my Dim Sum at Tiara Seafood Restaurant and they offer at RM4.90 or RM5.90 each if I am not mistaken. My favorites are Shrimp fried crispy, Lotus leaf rice and Siew Mai! Small little thing like having Dim Sum in the morning makes me happy ♥ - Luna Merza
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My First Car

Today, I was so excited to drive my car. Tomorrow I'll be officially owning "him or her" after everything is ready. I guess I should called "him" then :p
At first... I didn't have any preference in terms of choosing a car. The purpose of owning the car is because of mobility and of course I was ready to committed myself into something financially serious. I was considering either Saga or Viva. Since Saga is more spacious than Viva, I decided to take Saga SV that just launched this year. Pricing wise, there was not much difference.
In between... Yes, I was happy that I could finally own a car but I was still hoping that I could find a car that screams at me, "Luna, COME AND GET IT ME!". I noticed some of my friends are using Myvi. I asked for my friend's opinions from KK and Labuan. 8 out of 8 agreed and recommended me to take Myvi. I was dilemma. I decided to go to Perodua Center to see the car in person. The moment I landed my eyes on Myvi, I …

Cantonese Buffet at Grand Dorsett Labuan

When it comes to buffet, Grand Dorsett is always my first choice of buffet. Since it was Bridget's Birthday, we wanted to make it special for her. They were serving Cantonese buffet for the first time which indirectly it made my friend's birthday was special as well. Thanks Dorsett! I had two bowls for chicken soup and I loveee the taste of the soup. I like the softness, sizes and freshness of the prawn combine with the butter cream. When I put it on my mouth, it tasted delicious! Thumbs up to the butter prawn! I always told to myself that, whenever opt to eat for buffet, try to skip the rice. However, this time was an exception due to I couldn't stand to see the color of the fried rice that looked tempting. I didn't expect Durian with flour tasted good until Bridget recommended us to try Durian Rolls. It was delicious. The softness inside combine with crunchiness outside made such a perfect combination. I wish I can eat this again. So from now onwards, I will start b…